That you import and convert it from the country of origin Corian
Characterized Kiro company Artloamal Corian as a company with a clear vision and methodology high precision and efficiency in the development of decors and modern designs for units bathrooms and kitchens, both in terms of designs, which the company has developed over more than 15 years of experience and in terms of raw materials and expertise possessed by the company and the developed through the manager responsible for the material Corian and has 18 years of experience in dealing with this matter and developed.
And we are honored that uniquely manufactures 100 color basin.
Perhaps the methodology and experience Kiro Art Company
What is its people to be trusted for a lot of customers and institutions that led them to the tasks assigned to our high-tech.
The properties of the surface: underneath the family of solid surfaces consisting of 1 is the first name historically since 1967
Natural minerals and acrylic.
2. The family of hard surfaces.
-gar Porous surface which makes N to drink and anti-splatter 0.3
4. The material is non-porous diversity in design allows for easy set up.
5. designed the walls and roofs of bathrooms and kitchens and basins and well suited for use in a variety of purposes like. Housing, health care, shops, restaurants, airports, hotels, and other floating barges ..
6. available 100 different color on a large scale by consumer favorite places in the health and hospitals and kitchens to taste it material non-combustible and easy to clean and reliable places interested in prevention. And used in the work of the views of shops, boutiques and vaccination destinations trade name of the same article where one surface become equal without welds.
This is one of the most important characteristics of the article:
1. resistant to the growth of bacteria so it is the ideal choice to those applications where health performance is the most important criteria for the selection of consumer surface, such as hospitals and health centers, clinics and so on.
2. resistant to burning up to 30 minutes does not help in the emission of fumes from combustion Almoudi of death in fire situations.
3. resistant to acids and chemicals because it does not interact with the thrill of it is the optimal surface of the coefficient of cost.