Compact- HPL

About Alcolmbact (hpl)
Kiro Art Company is honored to convey to you About Alcolmbact (hpl)
The material used in the creation: - Alcolmbact hpl comprehensive accessories including, stainless or nylon net
Advantages :-
1. material are anti-bacterial and water, lead and acids and breakage and combustion.
2. Available in various colors to suit consumer taste.
3. Easy jaw and installation.
4. specially designed to resist air and water etc. factors.
Uses: -
Used to work Partitions bathrooms and urinals and tweak Turapizzat doors and bathrooms and cupboards and tweak offices.
Kabartishnat used for bathrooms and urinals and doors of kitchens, bathrooms and offices, Turapizzat surfaces and cupboards, hospitals etc.